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★ I can’t figure out how to order online. What can I do?

☺ The method is right here on our website. Simply visit the product page you like and select the "Add to Cart"  or “BUY IT NOW" button and follow the prompts to check out.  


★ I ordered the wrong variation of the product that I wanted. Can I change it?

☺ This depends on where we are in the fulfillment cycle, so please contact us and we will work to revise your order as long as it has not shipped.  If it has already shipped, please contact us to return the product and we will coordinate delivery of the desired choice.


★ How can I cancel my order?

☺ Please contact us to process an order cancellation.


★ I'm local, can I just stop by anytime and purchase products in-person?

☺ No. We're an e-commerce business and our location is only for warehouse, shipping, and production purposes. We're not a "store" where you can purchase and pick up items. We also don't have all products on our website housed at this one location — some ship from other locations and/or manufacturers.


★ Do you install products at your location?

☺ No (see above). We do not have any professional installer on-site, but we can provide a method of installation.



★ For all products, we are free shipping ★



★I ordered multiple items and I have only received one product from the order, why haven't they all arrived at the same time?

☺Although we carry in-house products that ship from our facility here in U.S. , we also have other warehouse located across the U.S. such as UK and CA. Therefore, if you have an order, we will often send you the products from the nearest warehouse to shorten your waiting time, but sometimes in case of out of stock, we will arrange the shipping from other locations, you may receive the products separately.


★ Is there a way I can track my order?

☺Yes, once shipped, we will receive a tracking number. If you need it , please contact us and we will provide it.


How can I cancel my order?

☺Please contact us to process an order cancellation.


Do you ship to international destinations?

☺Yes. For now, our products can be exported to the following 26 countries in EU: Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.


Can you rush your shipment to me?

☺We could use the Amazon two-day shipping once you need the service to shorten your waiting time, but you need to contact us first.




★ I have an issue with a product that I ordered.  Should I just return it?

☺ Please contact us in order to inquire about a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).  This is mandatory and necessary in order to properly identify your order and coordinate all information necessary to expedite your return. See our Return Policy for more information.


★ How can I return an item(s) that was purchased?

☺ Please contact us and we’ll provide you with the next steps (see above).  Upon receipt of your return request, depending on the specific product's Return Policy, we will give you a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) and specific instructions on how and where to return your particular product. See our Return Policy for more information.


★ How will I know if I got refunded?

☺ You will receive an email confirmation after the return (with RMA #) was received and processed.