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Our Story

What do you think of your car? Your transportation, your temporary residence, your intimate pal?

In our opinion, the car is a loyal adventurer, acts as a bridge between you and the scenery, what’s more, a purified land for the tired mind.


The moment you saw the tesla model 3 for the first time was like magic, you instantly felt the connection between you and him.

At that moment the pictures popped into your mind: you want to cross the mountains and rivers, go to another side of the world, bathe the stars, farewell to the setting sun and meet the sunrise.


The sleek shape, super-simplified console, battery with higher energy density, the worry-free function of automatic driving, intimate dog mode... you can no longer wait and look forward to going for a ride with tesla model 3 immediately.


We’re like you, we have a passion for Tesla model 3.

Our original intention: to provide users with the most exquisite, cost-effective, convenient and in line with customer needs tesla model 3 accessories.


Our logo, which M changes into 3 with a different angle, it explains better the intrinsic meaning of our response to tesla model 3.


Model 3 part shop, we have exquisite packaging, unique design, direct sales to customers, warmest after-sales service, the most suitable price... all this is to create a more perfect shopping experience for you to make your car even more reinforced.


Impeccable car, incredible you.